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My name is __X, and I am __ years old this year. I graduated at my ownexpense from the artist's art major program of ____ School in X month of ____.Since __, the state no longer allocated self-funded students' bags, which mademe miss out on "the most brilliant career under the sun". Fortunately, ____Factory was short of teachers at that time. After being introduced, I worked asa ____ teacher in this school for X years. Looking back at that time, it wasreally sweet and beautiful. Although the salary was very low, all theunhappiness in my life suddenly disappeared when I listened to the "teachers"screaming around me and looked at those pairs of eyes full of trust. I thought,even if I can't become a full member, as long as the school needs it, I amwilling to be a substitute teacher all my life. Unexpectedly, since ____, thecountry began to repel temporary workers and substitute teachers. Afterreceiving the oral notice from the school, I quietly left the school with thefeeling of reluctance.

Today, I want to pass this exam and go to the forum again. It is so urgent!There are ____ and __ working outside my home. I have been staying with myelderly parents to take care of them. Being a glorious people's teacher hasalways been a career that my heart yearns for and is willing to devote all mylife to pursue. I have taken the exam many times, but I failed to realize mydream due to various reasons, but I made up my mind that I would keep taking theexam as long as I had the chance, until my dream came true.

Today, after the test of life, I no longer have an advantage in agecompared with my competitors, but I have more love, patience and responsibilityfor children, and more maturity and confidence than them. The profession ofteachers is sacred and great, and he requires teachers not only to have richknowledge, but also to have noble sentiments. Therefore, when I was in normalschool, I paid great attention to my all-round development, extensivelycultivated my hobbies and learned my special skills, and besides being good atpainting and calligraphy, I was able to sing, speak and speak. "Learning to behigh can only be a teacher, and being healthy can be a model." While payingattention to knowledge learning, I also pay attention to cultivating my noblemoral sentiments, consciously abiding by laws and social ethics, and having nobad habits and behaviors. I think these are the minimum qualities that aneducator should possess.

If I pass the interview and become a member of many teachers, I will studyhard and work hard, never live up to the glorious title of "Engineer of HumanSoul", and contribute my due strength to the education in my hometown. thankyou


Hello everyone! I know this opportunity is hard-won. I understand that thisis an affirmation of me. I will not let you down. I will cherish thisopportunity and let you see my strength.

My name is __x, and I am __ years old this year. In __, __, I graduated atmy own expense from the artist's art major program of __ normal school. Since__, the state no longer distributes self-funded students' bags, which makes memiss out on the most brilliant career under the sun. Fortunately, x__ primaryschool was short of teachers at that time, and I had been a temporary substituteteacher for one year.

Looking back at that time, it was really sweet and beautiful. Although thesubstitute salary was very low, all the unhappiness in life suddenly disappearedwhen I listened to the students' teachers and teachers screaming and looking atthose pairs of eyes full of trust. I thought, even if I can't become a fullmember, as long as the school needs it, I am willing to be a substitute teacherall my life. Unexpectedly, since __, the country began to repel temporaryworkers and substitute teachers. After receiving the oral notice from theschool, I left the school quietly with the feeling of reluctance.

Today, I want to pass this exam and go to the forum again. It seems sourgent! There are three sisters in my family, and two sisters work outside thehome.


I just graduated from the Fine Arts Department of __ Normal University thisyear. As soon as I got the primary teacher's qualification certificate I dreamedof, I was eager to take up the post of teacher.

__ Teachers College China has a long history and a fine tradition ofhigh-quality institutions of higher learning, and is known for its rigorousscholarship and well-educated people. In such a learning environment, I havebenefited a lot from my knowledge and ability, as well as my personalqualities.

In the past three years, with the strict lessons and personal efforts ofteachers and friends, I have a solid professional basic knowledge andsystematically mastered relevant theories; Familiar with common etiquette inforeign-related work; Proficient in operating computer office software. At thesame time, I extensively dabbled in a large number of books in my spare time,which not only enriched myself, but also cultivated my various skills. Moreimportantly, the rigorous study style and correct learning attitude have shapedmy simple, steady and innovative character.

In addition, I also actively participate in various social activities,seize every opportunity and exercise myself. During my three-year study inuniversity, I benefited from the competition. Challenge the practicaldifficulties and let me grow up in setbacks. My ancestors taught me diligence,responsibility, kindness and integrity; Renmin University of China hascultivated my style of seeking truth from facts and pioneering and enterprising.I love the cause your company is engaged in, and earnestly hope to contribute tothis glorious cause under your leadership. And keep learning and making progressin practice. When I close my pen, please allow me to solemnly make a smallrequest: no matter whether you choose me or not, dear leader, I hope you canaccept my sincere thanks! thank you

I wish your company a prosperous career!


When you are in a hurry, it seems that time is racing againstyou, and the more you catch it, the faster it seems to run. I just realized nowthat my college life is coming to an end. I am a fresh graduate of the Fine ArtsDepartment of Teachers College in 2009. Four years' college life has furtherimproved my learning ability and ability to do things, obviously enhanced myself-discipline, and gained a deeper understanding of my outlook on life, valuesand world outlook. My way of being a man is to treat people honestly, treatthings, persist in faith, act to create value and innovate myself.

I firmly believe that I can find my own world in the summer of life full ofenthusiasm and vitality. Because "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", Ican use great courage and self-confidence to face challenges that may be fargreater than imagined. Because the challenge exists, I believe in my ownstrength, and I will graduate soon. The following is my appraisal of the pastfour years.

I am an extroverted person, cheerful and lively, warm and generous indealing with people, positive in life attitude, positive and open in mind, andable to accept new things quickly. My greatest characteristics are: beingwarm-hearted, being honest and trustworthy, being innovative and pioneering, andbeing brave in challenging myself.

Ideologically, I am of good quality, progressive in thinking, and adhere tothe principles of honesty, trustworthiness, courtesy and modesty. I love themotherland and the people, support the party's line, principles and policies,strictly demand myself, and actively move closer to the party organization.

I respect teachers and love my alma mater. I have deep feelings for bothteachers and schools. I unite my classmates, care for the collective, care formy classmates and help others. I have donated money to help poor students manytimes. I take an active part in all kinds of collective activities from classesto departments and colleges, and make suggestions for collective work. Alwayscare for classmates and get on well with everyone.

In study, from the day I stepped into the school gate, with the carefulguidance of my mentor, my hard work and the friendly help of my classmates, Igradually became a college student who can meet the social requirements and laya solid foundation for being a knowledge-based socialist builder. During myschool years, I learned Chinese and foreign art history, art introduction, arttechnique theory, modern pedagogy, psychology, art teaching theory and methods,modern educational technology, teachers' professional basic skills, and theapplication of basic art skills. Passed the Computer Level 1 and Putonghua GradeB exam, and passed CET-4, able to skillfully use office automation and teachingmultimedia. I love my major immensely. I love art and oil painting very much. Itcan be said that art oil painting is my specialty and my hobby. I paid a lot forit, but at the same time I got a lot of happiness. Learning oil paintingrequires a hundred times of effort to learn it well, and it is not easy toachieve something, and it requires persistent and hard study. I not only learnto lay a solid foundation and professional knowledge of oil painting, but alsostudy hard theoretical knowledge and improve my appreciation level, so that Ican learn oil painting to a higher level. I often realize that I have answers,taste nature and feel life in my study and creation …

In addition, I also do a good job in physical education class, and everyphysical education class can complete the exercise task according to theteacher's requirements, and the physical education reaches the standard. I takean active part in various cultural and sports activities organized by my class,department and school. I can show myself in badminton and volleyball matches,which not only exercises my body, but also wins glory for the collective. In myspare time, I actively participate in various physical exercises, such as tabletennis, skipping rope and so on, which can not only exercise, but also bring mea lot of happiness. In training, I can also realize the spirit of hard work andsome philosophy of life. Because of this, I have a healthy body, a healthy lifeand a healthy mind, because I am optimistic and forward forever.

I take an active part in social practice in order to improve my ability ofsocial interaction and application of knowledge in various fields. In the pastfour years, I have joined young volunteers and participated in the training ofthe Party School. These experiences have not only enhanced my hard-workingspirit, self-reliance ability, but also improved my ability to cooperate andcommunicate with others.

On the eve of going to work, I am very excited, because I know thatteachers are engineers of human soul, and what teachers do is the most brilliantcareer in the world. Moreover, I know that as a people's teacher trained by theParty, I must be loyal to the education of the Party and the people.Ideologically, I have already prepared myself as a people's teacher. I reallywant to go to the podium and train the new generation of my motherland with myown enthusiasm and knowledge. Of course, I also know that teachers arehard-working and hard-working, but I am not afraid, and I am prepared foreverything! I will work hard, and I must do my job well, study hard, communicatewith students, consider and serve students.

As an art major, I believe that I can not only draw beautiful pictures onpaper, but also make beautiful pictures in my life. There is no end to theworld. In the past four years, I have accumulated a lot and made a qualitativeleap in all aspects, but I know that I have little experience except theoreticalknowledge. Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles, which I needto improve in my future practice and study! I am convinced that opportunitieswill favor those who are prepared. I look forward to a bright future and amalways ready!


I am a __ art major student in __ Polytechnic School. My name is __. Fouryears of college life is coming to an end, a new beginning is coming, and newchallenges are waiting for me.

Four years in college are four years when my thoughts, knowledge structure,psychology and growth are mature. During my college years, I studied myprofessional skills seriously, so I mastered strong professional knowledge andapplied my theoretical knowledge to practice. My final general evaluation scoreswere among the best in the grade, and I won the second-class and third-classscholarships for outstanding students twice, and won the title of "Three GoodStudents at the university level". My major is computer, and I have a uniqueexperience in mastering the use of various basic software and hardwaremaintenance. Successfully passed the Senior Operator Examination of High-techOffice Software Application Module of the Ministry of Social and Labor Security.At the same time, I carry forward the team spirit, help other students,introduce their good learning experience to other students selflessly, and makecommon development and progress.

Under the guidance of my personal hobbies, I joined the School Painting andCalligraphy Association, from director to vice president, which is anaffirmation of my dedication and efforts. Organized a series of activities toenrich campus life, and was selected as an excellent student association. Theorganized cross-school networking activities achieved the expected goals, andwere approved by teachers and students. Individuals were rated as excellentleaders of the on-site painting and calligraphy contest. Last year, I joined theCommunist Party of China with outstanding achievements and performance. I amfull of confidence in my coming into the society.