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Class 2, grade 6, we have been together for three years. In the past threeyears, I have made many good friends. Maybe you haven't known me from thebeginning to the end. Let me introduce myself.

My name is sun Qihao. I'm a young pioneer in class 2, grade 6 of DongzhouNo.2 school. I'm 13 years old. I have a pair of big eyes, a melon face. Do notlook at my short, so-called "concentrated essence." After the last "campaign forteam members" and "chorus competition host" training, I changed from anintroverted boy without self-confidence to a confident sunny boy.

In the class, I act as the Deputy squadron leader. I can be in the top fivein every e_am, so many students take me as an e_ample. At the same time, I alsotake Wang Shibo as my e_ample and try to catch up with her. Perhaps, in the eyesof the students, I am a competent Deputy squadron leader, but I have toconstantly strive to do better!

I'm not only a competent Deputy squadron leader in my class, but also aLatin Dancer. When I was in the second grade, I held a "try it on" attitude, butI didn't e_pect to learn it now. I have participated in all kinds ofcompetitions. Every time I can get good results in the competition. At theparty, I also performed for my classmates, and my classmates and teachers werefull of praise for me.

This is me, the Deputy squadron leader of class 2, grade 6, a confidentboy: sun Qihao.


Hello! I'm Aosi. I'm in si_th grade.

I have a beautiful black hair, a pair of watery eyes, a pair of black andblue glasses on my nose, and a sweet smile!

Although I'm a girl, my preference is different from other girls. Othergirls like to play with Barbie dolls. I not only don't like it, but alsoplayfully cut Barbie dolls into a big bald head. Other girls like to wear prettyshort skirts, but I think sports shorts are much more agile. Other girls areplaying in groups, playing as family wine. I think it's very boring, on thecontrary And want to play "dodge ball life and death battle" with boys. you 'reright! I'm not only neutral, but also very strong in fighting boys. Even a lotof boys call me "man woman"! But I don't mind. I like "man woman" instead of"soft girl".

I don't think it's bad to be neutral and play with boys! It's not only morefun than girls, but also more enjoyable than playing with girls. Moreover, Ilike this kind of free, because "I am me, the unique me".


Dear teachers and students

hello everyone!

My name is ___, 12 years old, birthday is April 17, lovely Aries,omnipotent O blood, I graduated from Li_in County E_perimental PrimarySchool.

I am the kind of "still as a virgin, moving as a rabbit" type, with a pairof glasses on the bridge of my nose, ah! It's all caused by computers! I am nottall, but short and e_quisite, concentration is the essence.

My grades are not bad in the primary school. I have won many awards invarious subjects. I used to be the monitor, squadron leader, brigade committeemember and deputy team leader. I am also a proud disciple of the teacher.However, this has become the past. In today's high

In the hands of the class, I have felt the pressure. But I believe thatpressure is the driving force, I will work hard to refuel!

I like sports, like running, rope skipping and table tennis, primary schoolhas also won many awards in sports meetings; I often participate in variousactivities organized by the school, and my performance is relatively good, manytimes, I am taken as an e_ample.

In the past, the students and friends in the class went to different middleschools, but few of them went to shuier middle school. Therefore, in the newenvironment, I believe I will know more new friends. I hope you are willing tomake friends with me. Through my description, I believe you know something aboutme. In the ne_t three years of study, I hope we can get along happily.


My name is Liu _igui. I'm 11 years old. Is a lively and cheerful littlegirl, probably can't say so, why? In fact, my character and boys are nodifferent, do not believe it? Then listen to my story.

You've never seen a girl get hurt without shouting, right? You will besurprised when you see the following things. I remember when I was seven yearsold, "Ding, Ding, Ding!" After class, I rushed to the small playground. "Comeon! Come on I stood in the middle of the playground and cried e_citedly. Thegirls came in a swarm. "Shall we play games?" I feel my brain with my hand andsay. "I know! Shall we play catch? " "Good! Good I said.

The game starts. _iaoluo is chasing me. I was in a hurry and ran hard, butI didn't see the stone under my feet. "Oh dear!" With a scream, I fell, "what'sthe matter with you?" When _iao Luo saw that I was injured, he was as an_ious asan ant on a hot pot. "Come on She looked at me and called them. "What's thematter?" A classmate asked, _iao Luo said everything. "Come on! Take her to theinfirmary! " Yin _un said, took me to the infirmary. When I got to theinfirmary, I found my pants were scratched. Roll up your pants. WOW! It'sbleeding all over the knee. But I still reluctantly smile, and then said: "itdoesn't matter! Just put on some medicine. " Then I put on some medicine. "Let'splay!" I limped out of the medical room. I didn't care about the knee injury atall.

However, in the small playground, we can still hear the laughter. Whatabout? Do you know? ha-ha! I am what I am!


My family name is Wang and my name is _. I am studying in class 6 (7) ofNo.23 school in Datong City, Shan_i Province. I have black hair, big and brighteyes, and a small nose. This is quite satisfactory, but I seem to lackmasculinity, but the wood has become a boat, so I have to.

I love reading. Who makes books the food and pillar of human spirit? It isalso the ladder of human progress. I often roam in the sea of books, they arelike magical elves, quietly imparting knowledge to me. I have learned a lot inthe sea of books, which can also be said to be the harvest of reading! Iremember once, I began to read from the morning, when I rela_ed from the book,it was already five o'clock in the afternoon, and I thought I had just read fora while!

My study is also at the top of the class, Chinese, mathematics, Englishthree giants often give me the green light. Of course, sometimes the red lightis on. Even if a general always wins, will he fail!

No gold is perfect, no man is perfect. After all, I still haveshortcomings.

I often forget this or that. In the fourth and fifth grade, it is common toforget to bring back the e_ercise book at night. Alas! It's a difficult problem.Yesterday, I still remind myself that I don't need to make up lessons tomorrowmorning, but just today, I forget. I suddenly think about it on the way, but Ihave no choice but to go home.

The second drawback is that I don't like to clean up my room. My books canbe seen everywhere: on the study desk, on the bed, in the bookcase Well, it'severywhere anyway. If you want to find a smaller thing here, it will take atleast ten minutes.

The third drawback is that we are careless in our study. We often forgeteither the decimal point or the name of the company. This is my naturalenemy!

This is me, a lively and lovely me. In the days to come, I will try my bestto correct my shortcomings and be a good student worthy of the name.